American Meter Company

Gas Pressure Regulators, Flow Meters and Earthquake Valves


For more than 160 years, Elster American Meter has demonstrated creative design innovations that have made gas meters more accurate and longer lasting. American Meter pioneered the change to aluminum-case meters with dramatic improvements in durability. Long-term accuracy has been enhanced by the introduction of the molded convoluted diaphragm.

Elster American Meter provides solutions in a wide variety of applications including: regulation, metering, data collection, data transfer or evaluation.

AMtr Rotary Meter
  • Gas Metering Products
    Elster American Meter is the industry’s leading supplier of diaphragm meters. With models to meet your applications from domestic service to large industrial uses, Elster American Meter diaphragm meters have an outstanding record for durability and reliability.
  • Gas Regulation Products
    Elster American Meter gas pressure governors and regulators meet the highest demands concerning quality and capacity. The products range reaches from small low pressure domestic, medium and high pressure regulators, spring or pilot-operated, through the full field of application also to LPG equipment and purpose built regulator/metering units.
  • AMTR Kleanline filter
  • Gas Filtration Products
    Kleanline Filters: Designed to remove impurities in the form of dirt, dust, rust, weld slag, and pipe scale down to a particulate size of 10 or 25 microns, operate at pressures up to 1440 psig, and provide very little pressure loss. CFR Gas Filters: Including flanged, screwed and pilot filters effectively remove dirt, pipe scale and other matter from gas lines in commercial and industrial applications.
  • Meter/Regulator Accessories Elster American Meter provides a variety of accessories, including: needle valves; lubrication pumps; remote to volume pulser (RVP), straightening vanes, flow restrictor plates, and splashguards.